Sunday, 9 November 2008


OK, I know, I'm offline, but I had to come out of retirement to post this.

Every so often one of us starts talking about how hard it is for older women in tango, and how the old guys only want to dance with the young girls. When that topic's come up in the past I have occasionally mentioned, by way of counter example, a particularly beautiful and elegant older woman I knew in London who is always very much in demand.

Well, here she is. Her name is Audrey, and I'd count myself lucky to have even a tenth of her fabulousness.

Her partner in this video is the very beautiful Julian Elizari, currently resident in London, and teaching at the Dome.


msHedgehog said...

Oh, that's so lovely. How did you find it?

Psyche said...

A friend sent it to me. Don't know how she found it - I expect Julian or Audrey told her about it.

msHedgehog said...

I think I'm going to have to repost that. She's SO good.

Psyche said...

Do! Spread the word! The woman's a superstar.

msHedgehog said...

I've reposted but without the hat-tip link as you've gone dark and I thought perhaps you'd prefer I didn't? If not just let me know and I'll do an edit.

Psyche said...

I really don't mind either way! Your choice.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd love to put that video on my blog. I'm over 50 and I'm trying to get even a few dances at a milonga. That tanguera is a great inspiration!

Anonymous said...


Captain Jep said...

One of our best dancers here in Devon is in her late 70s and there is another at Bramshaw who is mid 70s. They are both lovely dancers. It is true that young women are more in demand but many older dancers have wonderful musicality (a lifetime of dance).
Only fools judge on the outer wrapping..

isabella mori (@moritherapy) said...

heartbreakingly beautiful. thank you so much! i've spent much of the day digging up good tango videos, and this one was the best

Anonymous said...

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Anthony Roman said...


We really love reading your blog! All good things come to an end, but not Tango!

Anthony, Crew