Sunday, 9 November 2008


OK, I know, I'm offline, but I had to come out of retirement to post this.

Every so often one of us starts talking about how hard it is for older women in tango, and how the old guys only want to dance with the young girls. When that topic's come up in the past I have occasionally mentioned, by way of counter example, a particularly beautiful and elegant older woman I knew in London who is always very much in demand.

Well, here she is. Her name is Audrey, and I'd count myself lucky to have even a tenth of her fabulousness.

Her partner in this video is the very beautiful Julian Elizari, currently resident in London, and teaching at the Dome.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I'm officially going dark. I've written nothing for a long time, and I've noticed myself getting a little sharp here and there while responding to comments on others' blogs, which I don't like. So it's time to accept that I'm done talking about tango, adn reading about tango, and that I'm happier just dancing tango.

In the past year I've found answers to a lot of the questions I started with, and with the most important ones I've also found that I couldn't talk about them. So I mostly haven't been able to leave the breadcrumbs I hoped to leave behind me on the trail. So here is the only thing really worth saying that I'm able to put into words:

There is no right tango. Everyone has their own tango. 'Improving' is simply a question of discovering what works for you. Your style and your self-expression is every bit as valuable as Eugenia's, or Corina's, or Geraldine's.

And as there are about a million things that I can't put into words, I'm instead going to leave links to some things that have helped me along the way.
  • The Artist's Way: indispensible help for anyone doing anything creative
  • The Inner Game of Tennis: practical insight on getting in the zone, which for us equates to finding your tango zen
  • Sallycat's Adventures: Sally's not updating now, but her blog remains an inspiring read for anyone contemplating a trip to Buenos Aires, or any kind of life-changing journey
  • The Fluent Self Destuckification and coping with fear
There are many more, of course; I'll add them here as I remember them.

Goodbye blogosphere, and lovely bloggesses. May your tango journey be full of joy, discovery, and delicious embraces.