Friday, 14 March 2008

Cecilia part 2

Oh my god, here it is, here it is! Horatio and Cecilia's remarkable, unconventional milonga from Tuesday. Yay!

(I'm actually in this video, in the crowd. I can only tell because I know where I was sitting - I can't even make myself out.)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Cecilia is the new Eugenia

Of all the many truly brilliant dancers I've seen since I've been here, the one that has most captivated me is Cecilia Garcia. She's completely mesmerising to watch. Her way of moving is really unique. I've never seen a tanguera express herself so fully in every second. I'm not talking about Geraldine-style endless embellishments, I'm talking about infusing every single movement, however simple, with meaning and character. I'm telling you, she's going to be bigger than Eugenia.

I've mostly seen her dancing with Santiago Dorkas. A little while ago they did a show at Villa Malcolm which is one of my favourite of all the shows I've ever seen. Very sadly, it doesn't seem to be on YouTube. She wore flat shoes, combat trousers, tribal paint, and a tattered scarf wound around her torso. They had an odd mushroom-shaped lamp on the floor in the corner which they occasionally approached with joy and wonder before backing away to wind around each other again. It was moving, evocative, athletic, and very Lost Boys.

Last night at Practica X she and Horatio Godoy gave possibly the best show I've ever seen anywhere. It was miles away in style from the stuff she does with Santiago, but equally mesmerising. If I ever find it on YouTube I'll post it here, but for now here's one that is on YouTube. Even this is only about half as good as the one last night! You should have seen the milonga! But it's still beautiful.